This page contains a directory of all Resources pages, each linked and described in brief below.

Quick Start

This page contains a list of all Quick Start articles. If you would like to suggest content for an article, please email us at All of these topics are covered in more depth in the WordPress Codex. More


Here is a list of links to WordPress resources and articles in the Codex. The Codex itself contains far more articles than are listed here, but these represent important areas to understand, and each is treated in more depth in our Quick Start guide. For starters, links to the entire Codex and to the WordPress Support forums appear below. More

Video Training

Iowa State University students and faculty enjoy a subscription to (via Information Technologies), a premier video training service, and this means students and teachers have access to high-definition video tutorials that take a step-by-step approach to creating websites using WordPress. To use the Lynda videos below, simply follow the links and login with your Net-ID when prompted. More


This page presents a list of pedagogical resources for teachers, including a selected bibliography of important ePortfolio work from recent years. More


These policies have been created to help you understand the scope of the services we provide, as well as the responsibilities you assume when making use of our system. We welcome any feedback or comments on these materials. Our support and development office is located in room 306 Ross Hall, and you can contact us at any time at More