Development Calendar

Below is a schedule of upcoming development releases. This represents our current project plan and development schedule, however, dates are tentative and should be used as guidelines only. We’re excited about our development plans and we’d be happy to talk about them with interested parties (just email us at

Spring Semester, 2015

  • Continued beta testing (in about 30 to 40 new courses)
  • Home theme updates and development
  • Network plugins and themes development
  • Documentation (support articles)

Fall Semester, 2014

  • Expanded beta testing (two dozen new courses)
  • Multimedia development
  • Collaborative authoring tools development

 August, 2014

  • ISUComm Sites launch date: August 11th
  • Community Forums (message boards for beta participants)

July, 2014

  • Promotional video and materials
  • Multimedia support upgrades
  • Quick Start booklet and articles

June, 2014

  • Theme development (design, layout, color, fonts, for desktops and mobile).
  • Content development (articles, resources, and information).
  • Request forms (for sites, themes and plugins, and reporting).