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ISUComm Sites’ platform is changing the composition course and how students generate content. Enhance your classroom pedagogy and help students learn to create digital content today.

ISUComm Sites offers you one powerful platform with many uses

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The flagship platform for ISUComm Foundation Courses (English 150/250). Students create electronic portfolios that demonstrate their growth and reflection in written, oral, visual, and electronic (WOVE) communication.

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Build a public, professional profile that will showcase your academic work, skills, curriculum vitae, teaching experience and philosophy, and much more. Gain exposure for your work and start building your professional identity for the job market.

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Instructors often have large projects that can be completed as individual or a group, sometimes spanning the course of a semester. With eProjects, students have a platform that they can use to deliver dynamic content to instructors.

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Resources and Services to help you and your students build content for the web

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Utilize ISU’s full access to professional video training for WordPress. Learn how to get started, create your first post, manage your menu items, and more.begin training here

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Find support articles the Online Learning Team has created based on frequently asked questions from instructors and students. find documentation now

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