Project update: ISUComm OLT’s ePlatforms

The ISUComm Sites project has grown significantly in the last couple years. This page is an update on the current status of the project and how it has grown since its humble beginnings.

Expanding networks to meet user needs

In 2016, ISUComm Sites transitioned to three separate domains all on the same WordPress platform

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Continuing the initial mission of Sites, ePortfolios is a dedicated network for ISUcomm Foundation courses (English 150/250). First year composition students develop private eportfolios.

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Seeing a growing need for students, graduate assistants, and even faculty to create professional sites, the OLT created a network with customizable privacy settings for public sites.

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Teachers value collaboration, and the flexibility of ISUComm’s ePlatforms allows instructors to customize sites to be specifically tailored to their course goals and student outcomes.

eProject in action

4,367 subsites

91 subsites

39 subsites

Continued growth of network users and sites

View a breakdown of ePlatform total users and sites, yearly growth, and domain-specific numbers

Sites numbers 2017
net-id growth 2015-17

Hands on training from the OLT guiding students and instructors

We continually strive to make support the foundation of our team’s work for ISUComm ePlatform users

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Students, graduate assistants, and professors give praise


Jordan Smith

eProfile user

It’s been great to have my own eProfile. It’s fun to work on, it’s easy to update, and I love being able to just send a link to it any time someone asks for a copy of my CV. It’s also great for keeping an academic blog on topics I’m interested in—a feature I’d like to use more in the future!

“I like that the ePortfolio is all online and I can personalize it the way I want.”

ISUComm Student

“I greatly appreciated the eProject that the OLT put together for me and plan to use next year!”

Associate Professor of English | eProject user

“eProjects has been a great platform for me in developing a new teaching pedagogy.”

Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture | eProject user

Departments across Iowa State University are adopting one of our ePlatforms

Landscape Architecture | Applied Linguistics and Technology | Meteorology

Women’s Studies | Journalism (Summer ’17) | Accounting