How to Embed a Prezi

This article explains how to embed a Prezi into a post or page on your site. Since you cannot use the standard <iframe> code generated by the Prezi itself, you’ll need to use what’s called a shortcode, that is, a bit of WordPress-specific code that calls the particular Prezi you want to display and creates a player for it. You can write your own shortcode (as this article explains) or, even easier, you can visit this Google application,, paste in your URL, and then generate embed code to use in your page or post.

Add the Shortcode to your Post or Page

To embed a Prezi in a player, simply create or edit a page and add the shortcode into the editor where you want the player to appear. The shortcode can be added in visual or text modes of the editor. You can use shortcode options to configure the player, setting the height and width for example, by modifying the shortcode you’ve added, as described below.

To create your specific shortcode, first, retrieve the URL of your Prezi by visiting your Prezi page and copying the URL from the top browser bar. Then, simply paste the URL between the quotation marks of the shortcode below and then add the entire shortcode to your page or post.

The basic shortcode is:

[prezi url="http://url.of.your.prezi/" ]

To create your shortcode, replace the URL between the quotation marks with the URL of your Prezi. Once you update your page or post, the Prezi player will appear and users can navigate using the tools provided with it.

Modifying the Player

You can add arguments to the codeĀ  in order to configure the player. You do this by adding options from the table below to your shortcode, and specifying their values. Allowed options are as follows:

Option: Value:
width integer in pixels
height integer in pixels
zoom_freely Y/N
use_html5 Y/N

Example of an Embedded Prezi

The Prezi below illustrates the process, specifying player dimensions and giving the audience the ability to zoom freely.

This Prezi was embeded using the following code:

[prezi url="" width="550" height="400" zoom_freely="Y" ]