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Bryan Lutz

“There is a moment when people come together for a common cause. They are unified in an identity named for the bodies that advocate, congregate, compose, and work together for a non-violent, ethical solution to a problem. That moment is where we see the power of communication in all its kinetic force. I seek ways to maximize that potential, and I seek ways to teach it.”

Welcome to the online portfolio for Bryan Lutz. Collected here are his publications, research projects, design projects, teaching experience, and references made available for public viewing. He can be contacted electronically at this link, or at the address provided below. Thank you for visiting.

Bryan Lutz is a Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Iowa State University. His research navigates the convergence of studies in new media, rhetoric of advocacy, and composition pedagogy. His recent publication, “Composing to Change Nations: Teaching New Media and the Arab Spring in First-Year Composition,” argues a strategy for teaching composition with new media that empowers students to become participants in social movements in the United States. Bryan hopes to develop this thesis into a book-length dissertation while making a difference in every way he can along the way.

Bryan is also a blogger for The Daily Kos and the education chair for the Cyclone Martial Arts Club, teaching self defense seminars on ISU’s campus

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