I’ve assembled several projects in this ePortfolio, each of which illustrate how my communication skills have changed and grown over the course of the semester. In particular, I’ve included examples of my work in all four modes of communication (Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic), as well as evidence of my use of the composing process (including invention, drafting, feedback, revision, and reflection).

  • Introduction: this page contains the introductory reflection for my ePortfolio.
  • Written: this page includes my textual rhetorical analysis in both original and revised form, as well as discussion on the process of revision itself.
  • Oral: this page includes the slide show I produced for my research presentation, converted into a video, as well as discussion on the role of oral communication in knowledge-making and collaboration.
  • Visual: this page contains examples of my visual design skills, as well as a visual rhetorical analysis.
  • Electronic: this page discusses the creation of this portfolio and gives examples of the kinds of work I did.
  • Closing: this page contains my closing piece of the semester, in which I look to the future, plan new communication goals for myself, and reflect on how my semester’s growth has prepared me.
  • Sidebar: the sidebar of every page in this eportfolio contains useful links to shorter, more informal writing I’ve done this semester, organized by tags and categories.