April’s RCPC and RPC Good News

Here are some of the good things students in the RCPC and RPC programs have been up to recently. Take a minute to acknowledge all the great work we have been doing!

Conference Presentations

  • Tom Ballard will be presenting “Exploring the Relationship between the Classical and Reader Centric Styles: The Elocutio of Microsoft Edge” at the Rocky Mountain MLA conference in October.
  • Dale Grauman will be presenting “Representing Large Student Populations with Quantitative Survey Data” at the NCTE conference in November.
  • Jill Grauman‘s proposed presentation, “Analyzing the Development of Teacher Comments Over Time: A Longitudinal Study of Inexperienced Teachers’ Comments on Student Papers,” for the NCTE conference in November was accepted.
  • Sara Parks will be presenting a poster at the Science of Team Science conference May 16 – 19.
  • Sara Parks will be giving a panel presentation at ARST pre-conference to RSA May 25 and will be attending the rest of RSA for fun May 26 – 29.
  • Angela Richard will be presenting “Teaching Ethics in the Business Communication Classroom: Taking Inspiration from the Ancient Romans” at ABC West Regional Conference in Denver in May.
  • Rae Ritland will present “Bringing Controversia to Communication Pedagogy” at the Midwest MLA (MMLA) conference.
  • Kathy Rose will be presenting “Taking College in High School” at the Rocky Mountain MLA conference in October.

Grants and Awards

  • Amanda Arp received the ISU Presidential Scholar Award, which includes a research assistantship for the first two years of her time in the RPC Ph.D. program.
  • Phil Gallagher received a Johnson-Sheehan Travel Grant for his recent presentation at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPACA) conference, held earlier this semester in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Angie Mallory was awarded a Johnson-Sheehan travel grant for her CCCC presentation last month.


  • Jordan Smith has created a web interface using Python.

Professional Development

  • Jill Grauman was selected to be a part of Iowa State’s Graduate College Emerging Leaders Academy for the 2016-2017 year.
  • Sara Parks will be helping with the SciComm Symposium at ISU June 3 – 4.
  • Angela Richard has been accepted to the Preparing Future Faculty program starting this fall.

Graduate Assistantships and Jobs

  • Dale Grauman was hired as a graduate communication consultant at the WMC this fall.
  • Jill Grauman will be working as a co-assistant director of ISUComm this fall semester.
  • Angie Mallory got a summer graduate assistantship working for the ISU Director of Information Assurance.
  • Sara Parks will be staying on at EPSCoR in the fall.


  • Angie Mallory‘s team lead at the Department of Defense Counter-ISIL messaging Simulation used and cited Angie’s analysis and report as his HQ report. His supervisor also cited Angie, so her analysis (along with the reports from the teams leads) ended up in the inbox of General Moore, U.S. Deputy Director of Global Operations. Her notes, along with others, get briefed at the Pentagon and go on to impact real decisions on how the DoD does messaging against ISIL.
  • Angie Mallory will be meeting with her team supervisor’s supervisor, who works for the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this summer to discuss her research.


  • Danica Schieber graduated on May 5th!
  • Erin Zimmerman graduated on May 5th!

Life Outside of Grad School

  • Laura Jackman will be getting married on May 14!

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