March’s RCPC and RPC Good News

Here are some of the good things students in the RCPC and RPC programs have been up to recently. Take a minute to acknowledge all the great work we have been doing!


  • Amanda Arp‘s chapter called “Rhetorical Devices” will be published in the next Speech Comm 212 course book.
  • Tony Guerra published an article: “A Disconnect Between Pre-Pharmacy Coursework and the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) Writing, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension Sections” The Advisor: The Journal of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions 36.1 (2016): 51-58. Print.
  • Laura Jackman will write a book review for TCQ this summer on Writing Childbirth: Women’s Rhetorical Agency in Labor and Online (Studies in Rhetorics and Feminisms).
  • Bryan Lutz published the second article in a two-part series for the blog Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis (JCTP). The article is titled “The Open Forum,” published here.
  • Danica Schieber has an article coming out in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly (BPCQ) titled “Invisible Transfer: An Unexpected Finding in the Pursuit of Transfer.”

Invited Presentations

  • Angie Mallory has been invited by the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Global Operations, to present her dissertation research this fall at their twice-yearly policy and planning meeting (Visual analysis department).

Conference Presentations

  • Jill Grauman is going to present “Rhetorically Analyzing Teacher Comments: How New Teachers Develop Persona and Second Persona” at the Iowa State Graduate and Professional Students’ Research Conference (GPSRC) on Tuesday, April 12.
  • Jill Grauman will present “Analyzing Teacher Comments Across Time: Engaging the Multiple Perspectives of Novice Composition Teaching Assistants” at the Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference (CWPA) in July.
  • Derek Hanson will present his multimedia case study work, “Providing Students with Context for Professional Communication: Experience Report of Multimedia Case Study Creation”, as part of the Student Research Competition at the SIGDOC conference in Arlington, VA this September.
  • Bryan Lutz is presenting “Complementing the Web-sensible Model: Towards a Understanding of Post-postmodern Identity Construction through ePortfolio Composition” at 4Cs in Houston on April 8th.
  • Bryan Lutz is presenting “Millennials and the Role of Myth in First-Year Composition” at GPSRC in Ames on April 12th.
  • Lauren Malone will be presenting “Visualizing Inclusion: A Study of College Admissions Materials” (based on two papers she wrote for Dr. Kostelnick’s Visual Rhetoric class) this July at the Guiding the Way to Inclusion conference in New Orleans. The conference explores issues of campus diversity and multicultural recruitment.
  • Kathy Rose presented “Asking Students to Do and Be” at 4Cs in Houston on April 8th.
  • George Standifer presented “Oral Poetry, Pictographs, and Community Creation: Ben Kindle’s and Lone Dog’s Siouan Winter Counts” at the College English Association (CEA) conference.
  • Bremen Vance presented “The Expertise Void: Creating Authority in Student Centered Classrooms with a Multimodal Curriculum” at CEA.


  • Vince Robles received a $2975 grant to fund his dissertation research from the C.R. Anderson Research Fund with the Association for Business Communication.


  • Tom Ballard was awarded a W. Paul Jones Scholarship.
  • Jill Grauman was awarded a W. Paul Jones Scholarship.
  • Laura Jackman won a Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Angie Mallory won a Teaching Excellence Award for her work with her Veterans Learning Community in 2014.
  • Vince Robles won a Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Kathy Rose won a Teaching Excellence Award.


  • Jill Grauman has begun indexing articles for CompPile.
  • Angie Mallory was invited to be a consultant for the Strategic Multilayer Assessment for Countering ISIL Activities, which is a simulation hosted by The Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Homeland Security. This will run through December 2016.

Graduate School

  • Amanda Arp will be starting her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication here at Iowa State this fall.

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