February’s RCPC and RPC Good News

Here are some of the good things students in the RCPC and RPC programs have been up to recently. Take a minute to acknowledge all the great work we have been doing!

Invited Presentations

  • Erin Zimmerman will speak at the Writing Across Institutions conference, hosted by the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Appalachian State University on April 1. She will talk with composition faculty from North Carolina community colleges about expanding visual communication instruction in their classes.

Conference Presentations

  • Tom Ballard will be presenting “Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Technical Communication” at ATTW in Houston on April 6.
  • Tom Ballard will be chairing the panel “Writing Time, Writing Spaces” at CCCC on April 7.
  • Tom Ballard will be presenting “From report to meme to brochure” as part of the panel “Crossing Classroom Boundaries, Linking Communities: The Cultural Work of Remix” with Abby Dubisar at Computers and Writing in Rochester, NY in late May.
  • Angie Mallory will be presenting “Respecting Veterans’ Desire for Invisibility in the Writing Classroom: Pedagogical Theory and Practice that Supports without Labeling” at CCCC as part of a panel called “Build it and They Won’t Come: Action Plan for the Stealth Veteran.” 
  • Major Sohail from the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group presented two slides on Angie Mallory’s dissertation research and its potential value to helping our military members create visual narratives that help them build (metaphorical) bridges with local people in other countries. The talk was at George Mason University’s Center for Narrative Conflict and Resolution. Major Sohail had invited Angie to send him slides after he heard her give a talk to a U.S. Army Special Forces forum in December. He also presented the same slides to a group of officers in a MISO training facility at Ft. Bragg, NC.
  • Jordan Smith, Derek Hanson, and Jo Mackiewicz will be presenting “Favoring Egalitarianism through Elaborated Captions in TPC Journals” at ATTW.


  • Tom Ballard has been nominated for a GPSS Leadership Award.
  • Laura Jackman has been nominated for a department teaching excellence award.

If you have good news to share, email it to phorumrpc@iastate.edu!

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