Phorum Position Descriptions


The Phorum President ensures that Phorum officers carry out their individual responsibilities and invites Phorum members to participate in Phorum activities. All Phorum functions, including activities, events, communications, and fund-raising, should be authorized by the president. This sheet details most of the president’s responsibilities, though other needs may arise; the president takes ultimate responsibility over everything related to Phorum but delegates that responsibility as needed.


The Phorum treasurer takes care of all things financial. Additionally, the treasurer supports the president and aids other officers and the group as needed or requested. This sheet attempts to detail most of the treasurer’s responsibilities, though other needs may arise.


The Phorum Secretary primarily helps Phorum meetings to run smoothly by helping in the creation and distribution of agendas and meeting notes. The Secretary should be prepared to help with other projects as they develop.


The Phorum communications officer is primarily responsible for disseminating information about upcoming Phorum activities, like installments of the Phorum Speaker Series and upcoming Phorum socials. The communications officer also assists the Phorum president with miscellaneous tasks as assigned. This sheet details most of the communications officer’s responsibilities, though other needs may arise.

Web Master

The Phorum Web Master is responsible for maintaining, developing, and adding content to Phorum’s web platforms as needed. The Web Master works in conjunction with the Phorum President, Secretary, and Communications Officer to ensure that activities and information are documented and communicated properly. The Web Master is ideally a member of the ISUComm Online Learning Team, which comes with the added benefit of administrative privileges on OLT platforms.

Faculty Liaison

The Faculty Liaison serves on the Executive Board with other Phorum officers. In general, the Faculty Liaison serves as a conduit between RPC faculty and RPC/RCPC students for information and concerns related to academia.

MA Student Representative

Because there are unique policies, procedures, and experiences between the PhD and MA program, the MA representative acts as a voice for students in RCPC by attending Phorum meetings. The primary role of the MA Student Representative is to help Phorum make informed decisions that benefit both degree programs.